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  1. It would be nice to tell Intella to export top level parents, unless that top level parent is a container file. Example: 1) Indexing a ZIP file from a source such as Google Takeout 2) The ZIP file has an MSG email file in its root that has 2 Word attachments 3) Export of top-level parents would export the MSG but not the ZIP Obviously, this is not the innate behavior of exporting a top-level parent, as that would be the ZIP itself. I'm not sure if this would even be possible, and this would have to be a secondary option...just an idea. Currently, I am having to export
  2. I have confirmed that this is fixed in the new version. Thank you!
  3. Hi Jon, Thanks for the reply. I would greatly appreciate the link to the new version. Thank you very much.
  4. We are seeing Intella rename exported XLSM and XLAM files to XLSX automatically. These files, which are XLSM/XLAM, will not open unless their extensions are manually renamed FROM XLSX (applied by Intella) BACK to XLSM/XLAM. Intella version is 1.9. Has anyone else run into this issue, or know of a fix? Some place to configure that within the program? It's a useful feature, but this time it made more work for us. Thanks!
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