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Show all family (i.e. parents & attachments) for search results

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Hi all,

I feel like I'm overlooking a simple solution to my issue and I'm hoping someone can point it out for me!


After running a search for a particular term, I get results that are a mix of emails (which may or may not have attachments) and attachments (which may or may not be attached to an email that's included in the results). I then want to tag:


a. the results; and

b. all files that are in the same families as the results (i.e., all attachments to the emails in my results and all parent files to the attachments in my results and all other attachments to those parent files)


Currently, I am:


1. Selecting all results and choosing "Show Top-level Parents"

2. Then clicking "Parents of X items" in the cluster map to get the parents to the items in my results and the items in my results that are already top-level parents;

3. Selecting all and choosing "Show Children"

4. Then selecting all of the clusters in the cluster map

5. Then tagging the resulting items


Is this the best method?


Thanks for your help.

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Hi Todd,


A single button to bring back the complete family would be useful in this case.


Note that you can set the tagging preferences (File - Preferences - the Tagging tab) to tag the selected item, the parents, and the child items. This can be the default tagging preference.

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