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Unable to remove tags


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Weird problem with some tags, this is the rundown.


A case started with an Intella 250 license, indexed and some tagging done.


License upgraded to TEAM, more sources added and indexed, some tagging done on the TEAM manager and some remote TEAM viewer tagging.


More sources added to case and indexed, process interupted and all sources re-indexed.


There has been tagging done from 2 different remote TEAM viewers and locally on the TEAM manager interface.


Now however when starting up TEAM Manager and opening the case I cannot remove tags. I highlight and right click, select 'remove tags' and the dialog box opens but is blank, no tags listed.


We haven't tried deleting the tags from the viewer that created them in the first place as I was under the impression that the TEAM Manager was able to have complete control over the case. Was I mistaken?

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