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Fuzzy Searches & Search Hit Highlighting


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Hi all,


Please could you assist me with a couple questions/issues that I am having.


1. Can you search multiple words using the fuzzy logic? For example, I want to search "Research Centre" as a fuzzy search without having to do two individual searches.


2. I have approximately 1,000 search terms that I am running over one document. I know this is probably not the standard use of Intella but it is a one off project. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get the hit results highlighted. I have tried in Pro, Connect, Search, Saved Search, Batches etc and cannot get it to work. I can get the highlighting for one search term at a time but not for multiple search terms so is this possible or is there some sort of limit to number hits on one document?


Thank you,


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Hi Graeme,


I'm not sure why the hits are not highlighted. I will check with our technical team.


In the interim you could run several searches to narrow down and highlight the hits for the search criteria.


1) Run a search for research~ and run a separate search for centre~

2) Run a search for "research~ centre~"

3) Review the items in the intersecting cluster

The hits will be highlighted in the document from step 1. Step 2 narrows the number of documents down so you should only get relevant hits for the phrase.


I hope this helps





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Hi Jon,


Thanks for your assistance. The highlighting issue has now been resolved. I am not sure what was wrong but after making changes to the search terms it is now working.


Please can I ask one further question. We are searching for approximately 1,000 terms using the fuzzy criteria. Is there anyway to get a detailed hit report that shows what the actual hits are as opposed to the search term? For example if I search Andrea~ I can see some of the hits are Andrea ; Andres ; Andrew etc but in order to see these I have to go into each document one by one or can I produce a hit report of some type?


Thanks again,


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