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CONNECT to run on Linux?

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We have recently considered a new deployment scenario for CONNECT. It turned out not to be viable as it would require purchase of many more Microsoft server CALs and other Microsoft licenses at significant cost.

Hence I wanted to raise the question what it would take to have the CONNECT server run in Linux instead of Windows (excluding index creation)? As it is a Java application it would seem to be portable (possibly with loss of functionality such as PST creation). Any thoughts?

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Dale, not something I've played with in a very long time, but have you done any testing with Wine (or similar) applications that will let you run Windows programs on Linux?


I seem to remember having mixed results when i last tried but that was some years ago and I imagine they have improved the software in that time.

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I know the current setup doesn't allow for it, but then again, CONNECT is Java... so I figured I'd ask. Unless there are too many native non-Java libraries in use, it seem to be doable given enough interest.


As for Wine, I considered it, but I am unsure it would be something suitable for production and also I am unsure whether the license management system would work under Wine. Worth a try though.

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