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There seems to be a limitation with Connect in that you cannot select multiple search result items.


By that I mean if you run a search for 'test' then a search for 'car' you will have the two balls for each word and then the third ball for the intersecting portion, you can only view one of these three results at a time, where as in Intella you can view all 3 or any 2 if you choose.


This creates issues when using Connect as often we will want to select multiple items to create export packages.


I've also noticed that in the above scenario say there was 20 hits for each keyword and 5 hits in the intersection (both words) each keyword ball would show the number 15 and the middle ball would have 5. Selecting one of the keywords would only display 15 unique items and excludes those that are contained in both, this behavior is not mimicked in Intella.


So two wishes here, give Connect the ability to select multiple results and secondly don't exclude the intersecting results from the main results.

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Indeed, Connect is missing the ability to select multiple results. I'll see what can be done about that.


When it comes to intersection results, you can click on the intersection of the 15 ball and 5 ball to get 20 items in results table. Is this what you were after?

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