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Spam filtering/detection


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I know this is a difficult one given the efforts spammers go to beat any sort of filtering, but I'm thinking along the lines of something simpler.


There are plenty of spam emails that come out from NBC News, Rueters, CNN etc etc, would it be possible to build into Intella a way to detect these emails possibly based purely on the subject line.


This would be my ideal outcome, Intella detects emails that it suspects may be spam based on the magical formula that is no doubt needed, these items then appear in their own field under the existing features facet.


We then have the option to view these emails that are suspected as spam and apply a setting that removes them from any future searches. One step further hide them from view all together would be great as well.


I know it probably would be difficult to detect the hard core spam, but the emails from known magazines, news sites etc should be fairly easy to do. There are plenty of spam filter companies out there so perhaps a strategic partnership or maybe there are some open source lists that could be used.



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