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Windows 8 Install


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Hi All,


I installed Intella on a Windows 8 64-bit computer. During the install I had one issue with the HASP dongle part of the install.


I got an error similar to:


Cannot install:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP\vendors\88087.xml


I selected ignore and Intella finished installing. When I ran Intella I got an Error 33 dialog. This is normally a sign that HASP has not cleanly installed.


To get around this error I had to run the Intella installer as Admin and choose the compatibility wizard (right click on the Intella Setup file) and select Troubleshoot Compatibility > This program installed correctly on an earlier version of windows > Install as Windows 7.


Intella installed fine after that.

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I have had this problem occur on a number of different versions of windows. One solution is to create the folder it is asking for:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP\vendors\


if it does not already exist, then continue the installation and the Intella installer will add the relevant xml file. (At least, this has worked for my several times in the past.)

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