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Preview Screen Delay - Intella Connect


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I have a case file for hosted using Intella connect, the case is up and running, and the client have started reviewing this as of this morning.  The case is a copy of another case and I've changed the unique reference etc so that it can be used with this customer.  We have 4 other customers using the same data (well copies of), with no issue.
When the client is in the preview screen and is scrolling through the results they find that the system will pause at around 8 or 9 records in, and then not load anything further.
I have logged in to the system and tested this and have found that the delay is specific to this data set, I have tested this on other data sets and have encountered no issues.
Does anyone have any idea as to what the issue could be, as I said this is only happening on this case, so maybe a data corruption issue, or something else?the customer is currently working on a rather large case, which means they will be tagging material etc, they can keep working but are having to use list view for the moment which is not ideal.


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