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CSV load file error - Extracted Text field

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I am using 1.9.1 to read a CSV load file and it will not read the file properly when it comes to the Extracted Text field.


A sample Extracted Text field is "Images\001\001\00000001.txt"


During the Validation step, it says it cannot read the file. The example above shows [path]\Images00100100000001.txt


The backslashes in the CSV file are not being read and shows it as one long string.



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Can you try replacing the back-slashes with a double pair of back-slashes? I would have to consult the load file experts in our team, but from the output that you are giving I presume these are being used to escape certain special characters. As "0" is not a special character, "\0" then simply becomes "0".


If this fails, can you show a screenshot of the complete settings?

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