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Bubble counts are incorrect, or confusing

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Guest KathleenK



The maximum number of items with the word "manage" is 3449. The red "manage" cluster indicates the number of items with just the word manage and including your two terms. The center cluster has both terms and your two include terms.

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My understanding was that the outer circles used to indicate the total number of hits for a term while the overlapping circle indicated the number of documents that responded to both (or all) of the terms, but based on your description I tested "manage" excluding "transfer... [etc]" and it seems to now be applying an exclude function for the other search terms. Maybe this has always been the behavior and I have just misunderstood it in the past?


1.6.1 just updated to 1.6.2 and behavior is the same. I don't remember noticing this under 1.5.4 or 1.6.

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