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Processing loose files --> junk


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I'm trying to add a folder containing multiple PDF files to an existing case.

My problem is that when I index the files, I also end up in Intella with a bunch of JPEG and TIFF files that are parts of the PDF files I indexed. I only want the PDF files to appear in Intella.

I tried unchecking the "Index content embedded in documents", "Include hidden folders and files" but it doesn't work. I still end up with all those TIFF and JPEG files. I though the "Index content embedded in documents" options was exactly doing that and unchecking it would get me the results I want...

I tried moving my source folder, same results.

I tried version 1.8.4 and 1.9, same results.

Can you help me?



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For the sake of historic completeness: this problem was resolved via customer support.


The issue was that the same documents were part of a different source that did have the "Index content embedded in documents" setting turned on.

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