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I am currently running ver 1.9 and indexing a 30 GB OST file.


Intella was cranking along just fine for the first 80 minutes.


Then it reduced to a minimal processing mode. The Index New Data window shows no new activity.


However, through Resource Monitor, I can see that Java is reading the OST file, but it appears to be extremely slow in contrast.


Is there a way to determine exactly what is going on?


I am running it on a Windows 7 box (i7-5930 3.5 GHz with 64GB RAM) with evidence on one drive and temp on a 512 GB M.2 card.


This is my second test on this OST file. When I first tested this OST file, it ran on Intella for 13 hours (acted the same way as described above). I finally stopped this process and figured there must be errors in the OST file. I then ScanPST multiple times on it to see if that would help improve it.



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Hi wmfiske,


It might be it takes too much time to recovery deleted items. Can you try to disable "Recovery deleted emails" option on the "Add new source" wizard?


Please note that the time needed to recover deleted items can vary widely depending on how heavily the file was used and how old it is.

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