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Possible side effects of changing case ID?


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I have a case which I'm wanting to duplicate so our clients will have access to our tags etc and the ability to add their own, then keep the original as we have tagged it for our own internal use.


So I copied the data folder over and gave it a new home and name by editing the Case.xml file, however when I attempted to add I got a 'duplicate Case ID' error. Looking in the Case.xml file I noted the case ID and simply changed the last digit from a 4 to a 5, the case then added successfully.


Now that I've leaped before looking, are there any possible side effects to manually renaming the case ID in this fashion?


The tags and all other work product appear to be there and I can see nothing obvious, but can't help but feel like I just put diesel fuel into a petrol car  :unsure:

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