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Ability to hide tags not content


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This may seem a little counter intuitive at first glance, but along with the ability to hide privileged tags/data, sometimes it would be handy to hide the tags themselves without actually hiding the content they apply to.


I'm thinking of some restrictions that could be placed on reviewer types.


For example, I have created a reviewer level called 'restricted' which can't print or download, can't delete tags from other users, can only participate in the review and can't see items tagged 'priveleged'.


Some other permissions I'd love to see in the list of choices are:

  • can't see tags from other users (no content is hidden, only the tags)
  • can't create tags
  • can't see activity of other users
  • can't create export packages
  • can't import keyword/md5/doc ID lists

This would be perfect for when my clients need to give access to the data to another law firm but want their own work product (activity, tags etc) hidden, but not restricting access to the overall content.

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Also building on this just simply from an ease of use point of view the ability to hide tags from view would assist when the tag list becomes so large as to be unweildy.


Point in case for me, I have a very large long running matter which has been evolving over some months with numerous 'pre batched' search tags that I have created for the review team to go through. On top of about 20 or so of them there is about 50 sets of tags the client created on the first review, then another 50 different tags they created on a second run. A few more pre review batches that I did up for them and now a few more post review tags they have created.


The end result is the tag facet is a mess and it's quite difficult to find the tags they are looking for.


The parent/child relationship allows some cleaning up, however more flexibility here would be fantastic. The ability to click and drag any tag to any new location would be perfect. That way we could create a parent tag and then drag all the other tags under that group. This way when viewing the tag facet list all we would have to do is collapse a couple of parent tags and the old tags are nicely hidden from view but not lost.


Even better (and hopefully easier) would be a simple option to hide certain tags, with maybe a new parent tag that appears at the top of the tag list "Hidden Tags" so it's clear some tags are hidden from view, then the reviewer could if they chose view the hidden tags by expanding that list, otherwise they stay collapsed by default.


At the moment I can accomplish this by creating the new parent tag, then duplicating all the child tag names within that new parent tag, retagging all the old items with the new child tag, then deleting the original tags. A bit unelegant and also leaves too much room for human error.


Edit: also I note that if I collapse the expanded tags via Connect the next time I log in they are expanded again, if possible having this setting remembered would help here as well.

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And one more sort of related to this hiding of tags etc, it occurred to me that another very useful feature would be the ability to have a permission that was 'user X can only view items tagged with ?'


That way we could create a parent tag and then have all items we want visible to a restricted user visible and fully searchable, however all other items would be hidden.

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