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Hide parts of email chains


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This is something I'm often asked by clients and I know that to a degree it would be possible but would be curious to hear thoughts from Intella people.


With the paragraph analysis capability how accurately can Intella show the conversation threads for emails?


If this has a high degree of accuracy then a natural thought would be to have the ability to hide all emails that make up the thread apart from the last email in the chain, another little slide button next to the dedupe would be the obvious place.


I'm sure there are pitfalls to this approach which is why I'm curious if something like this would be possible or on the radar. I can forsee issues where people forward the chain elswhere and essentially start a new chain, but with some sort of threshold for the matching data I think it would be possible to get a useful way of knocking out the interim emails.


This would be useful in identifying very near duplicates that can occur when the message hash is different on two emails which actually contain identical text in the body.

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