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umlauts and "sharp S" missing in Contents tab and replaced with a space

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When looking at an email in the previewer,I can see there are German language emails that appear to have missing umlauts and "sharp S" which have been replaced with a space when looking at the email in the "Contents" tab. When you look at the email in the "Raw Data" tab the umlauts and "sharp S" are there.


Seems to be isolated to emails that were msg files.  If an email comes from a PST then it doesn't seem to cause a problem from what I can see.

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Hi Mark,


Which property are looking at in the Raw Data tab? Msg items sometimes store multiple bodies with different formats: plain text, HTML and/or RTF. On occasion, these text bodies have slight differences. Can you also check if there are other text body properties listed in the Raaw Data tab?

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