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Auto-Apply Custodian Hanging


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Using 1.9, I added a folder with two PSTs belonging to a single custodian. 


Prior to indexing, I set the custodian name to be applied to the indexed items.


Once indexing finishes (about 50 minutes) the indexing dialogue said indexing was finished and Intella was applying the custodian info.


After an hour and 45 minutes with the only sign of activity the growing RAM reservation in Task Manager and a VERY small amount of writes to the index files, I stopped the process with the "Stop" button and Intella hung for about 30 minutes before crashing and providing an error. Unfortunately, I did not save the error as I needed to move on.  


I then re-opened Intella, selected ALL the items I had just added, and applied the custodian name.  This completed in about 2 minutes.



Figuring this was an odd occurrence, I tried again on a different custodian.  Exact same results.  One hour to index, once complete I let the "apply custodian" run for almost two full hours before stopping it, allowing Intella to crash, reopening and then manually applying the custodian facet (which again took about two minutes total).


For the remainder of the many PSTs I need to index, I am not applying custodian info during indexing, but am manually applying the facet post indexing.


Anyone else having issues with the Auto-Apply of custodian info?


What log files can I look at to see what the problem was?

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