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Isolate emails for single user


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I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to isolate all emails sent by a particular user.


Is there a simple way to search only wihtin the "all senders" within the 'email address' facet?


Lets say I just wanted to quickly see all the emails that had the word "adam" in the from field, regardless of the remainder of the email address. How can I do that?


I know it will be there but I'm missing something obvious and now am starting to get frustrated so not being overly productive ;)


Thanks for any help.


Edit : on a side note when I go into the Email Addresses facet, then select the From field to display all the email addresses, these are not in alphabetical order which makes scrolling through manually a major headache. To explain the one I'm looking at now the vast majority of the email addresses have "From:" appended in front of the user name followed by the email address, the user name is sorted alphabetically. However some email addresses are displayed without the "From" appended, and others yet will display only the user name or email address which throws the alaphabetical listing all out of whack.

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Guest KathleenK



That specific functionality is not a built in feature. We have done some minimal testing with your scenario and the following should work.


In the search field, type *adam*. The * indicates a wildcard field. Click on the options button and deselect all fields but the authors/addresses field.


Click search.


Please note, this type of search may be time consuming.


Please let us know how that works.


Alternatively, you can hand select the email addresses you are interested in from the Email Facet and search for just those. I understand that this can be too time consuming and not practical.

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Thanks for the reply


I had tried this method, however the issue here is that this search picks up every email with 'adam' in it, To, From, CC, BCC...so it's not really assisting me in isolating only email sent by a particular user.


Can I request this feature be added? As Intella already identifies these fields in the colum filter it shouldn't be too hard to enable the separation of these fields in the options tickboxes.

I can say with no exageration that this is something I am required to do on every single analysis job I do involving email.


The only way I can currently do this with Intella is to use the search as you've suggested above, then sort the results by the sender field and manually select all the ones with 'adam' in the sender field. Okay if there are only a couple of hundred emails, slightly painful if there are a couple of hundred thousand emails.....

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