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Remove and Reorder Sources / Locations


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Is there any way -- even a manual method -- of removing sources so that they no longer appear in the case or in the Locations Facet?


I'm using Intella 1.6 and reprocessing a whole case is just not an option at this point but we have several invalid imports that are just hanging out in the Locations facet confusing things.


In addition, it would be really nice if we could reorder sources, or simply have them display alphabetically.






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Guest KathleenK

Hi Walt:


Since version 1.5, you cannot remove a source from an Intella case. This option was removed to improve speed and efficiency. One option you may want to consider to tag all sources you do not wish to populate to your search results. You can then exclude that tag from any search results.


At the present time, you cannot reorder the sources.

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