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Crash Protection


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I'm not sure exactly what to call this but I've had a few experiences where if the machine crashes then Intella seems to take it very badly, particularly if it's in the middle of tagging or indexing.


Indexing is not such a major issue because you can simply start that process again and nothing is lost but time, however if a case becomes corrupt whilst tagging there is the potential to lose days/weeks of work.


The crashes I'm referring to are nothing to do with Intella, it's usual windows BSOD stuff, but Intella is the innocent victim of this drive by.


Is there something that can be done to make Intella more robust when dealing with system crashes and the like?


Putting aside the fact that this can be avoided by us using a proper backup system (which I do) but as has happened to me in this case my backup software turned out to be woefully inadequate and best case scenario I may have lost a day's worth of my clients work...worst case nearly 2 weeks!!

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Hello Adam,


This strongly relates to your other post that you made here: http://community.vound-software.com/index.php?/topic/292-audit-logs/


Power outages, disk failures etc. indeed are often lethal to the case. While there are databases that offer protection against that, it is not trivial to apply those without considerably hurting indexing speed, disk space usage, etc.


As you say, this hurts tagging more than indexing (and exporting). That is all the more reason to implement exporting of the events.log file to e.g. CSV format, as described in the other ticket.

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You're right it does, I'd forgotten about that post.


I did try restoring annotations with the events.log file but was unsuccessful, however I didn't convert the file to CSV, I must have missed that in the manual.


In this case a reindex of the data appeared to fix the issue, although I did lose 2 days worth of tagging due to my bad backup software issues.

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