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Evidence Files - Can you move them to cold storage and still use Connect?

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In our current setup (physical server with local storage array), I have the evidence files available to Intella Connect at all times. We will be moving to the cloud where you pay for hot storage. As best as I can tell, files such as emails, MS Office files, and PSTs within a case can be downloaded even if the evidence files are not available (and you didn't elect to cache the evidence with the case). 

To better manage our storage needs (and thus costs), I'd like to move evidence files to cold storage after processing. Am I understanding it correctly that emails, MS Office files, and PDFs would still be downloadable without the evidence files being available? But other file types would not be, thus requiring to bring the evidence files back online in those cases (download what you need, then move the evidence files back to cold storage)?

I know I can do some testing of my own. And as time permits, I will. But also looking to tap into the knowledge/experience of the community.



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Hi Jacques

You can select the "cache original evidence files" option when indexing. This will copy all evidence files into the case folder and allows them to be exported or opened when the original files are removed or the case is moved to another system or cloud storage in your case.

All items that are extracted from the evidence files such as emails, attachments and other embedded items will always be stored in the case folder.

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Thanks Brian,

 I’m actually hoping that I don’t need to cache the evidence files in the case, as that increases our storage cost. There was a time we had Intella Connect but not Node. I processed cases in pro, then moved the case folder to Connect, but not the evidence files. I seem to recall that some file types as I noted above were still available for download. 

If that is the case, I would store the evidence files in either cold storage or archive after Node processed the case to save on storage costs. Looking for confirmation on whether that is the case. And if yes, what file types are automatically cached. 



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