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Email address not showing


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I'm seeing quite a few emails on a case I'm working on now where the actual email address is not being displayed in the header or anywhere, it's simply showing up as "Robyn"<Robyn> as it would appear when the email address is already in the contact list.


While in many cases it's obvious who the email is coming from due to signatures this is not always the case.


Is this information that is not included in the header under some circumstances?


I'm thinking when emailing within a domain where all users are on a global address book would Outlook strip the full email address from the header as it's not needed?


And if that's the case the receiving email within the domain still has the full email address populated, so that sort of confuses me.

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When I launch the email from Intella into Outlook the name is populated and hyperlinked as described, importing the entire PST into Outlook gives no change.


If I select one of the emails in question and hit 'reply' it populates the to field with the name but there is no email address attached to the contact.


I'm not thinking this is a limitation of Intella based on what I'm seeing, rather the email address itself doesn't appear to be present at all where the sender is part of the same domain. Could this be something Outlook does by default?


Edit: I just had a look at our own internal domain emails to see if this is occurring and it's not, the full email address is included on emails within the domain. We are on 2010 so perhaps this is something that may have changed from 2003 onwards but I'm not able to confirm this. My IT guys haven't any idea why it might be occurring..

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Hello Adam,


In our test data, obtained from a variety of sources, we see this happen quite often. Note that it could also be the sender of the email that is causing this, not necessary the Outlook instance on the receiving side. When in doubt, check the Headers and Raw Data tabs, as it shows on a lower level what has been extracted from Outlook. You can use it to distinguish between "Intella can't parse the value" vs. "the PST does not hold the value".

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