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Exporting Email with Unicode Characters

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Anyone with problem viewing Unicode characters when the item was exported out. 


I have problem viewing the characters in Vietnamese language when I export out the email item as an individual EML file or within the PST file.


However, in Intella, when I preview the item, the characters were displayed correctly in the "Content" view but not in the "Preview" view.



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Possible explanation is that the message contains a "rich-text" part with missing or incorrect charset specification. Depending on situation, the plain-text or rich-text version of the email is displayed.

The "Contents" tab of Intella previewer always shows a plain-text message version, while the "Preview" shows a rich-text part, if it is available. MS Outlook also prefers the rich-text part to show by default (this can be changed in the Trust Center Settings).

Exporting to EML or PST tries to preserve as much original message details as possible, so this is likely a problem of the specific original message.

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