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Preview oddity

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I was looking at some results of a search and double-clicked on an item and the preview window popped up, which was fine. I looked at about 10 or 20 items - each time just double-clicking on the item and each time getting the preview pop-up.  


Next, I clicked on a different search cluster and when I double-clicked on an item in that search result, instead of opening the preview window - it opened up the email in Outlook. From that point on, every file that I tried to preview opened up in the native app instead of opening the preview pop-up. I tried double-clicking; right-clicking and choosing "Preview"; right-clicking and choosing "Preview Parent Item" - just to see if that worked; etc. - and always opens the native file. I also closed out the program and then reopened it and it still only opens items in their native application unless I go to "View" and choose "Preview Item" or do Ctrl-O (which gives a pop-up which allows me to put in the item number) and then I get the preview pop-up.


So, my question is . . . which is the correct behavior and which is the bug? Is double-clicking and getting the preview pop up (as it did for items in my first search) the correct behavior and the subsequent only-opening-in-the-native-application the aberration? Or is double-clicking the item and having it open in the native application (as it started doing in my second search) the correct behavior and the double-clicking-and-getting-the-preview-pop-up (as it did in my first search) the aberration?  Since I did nothing other than click on a different cluster bubble, I'm quite sure that I did nothing to change any preferences, etc. 


I looked in the documentation and it says, "When you double-click an item, it will open in the Previewer" so . . . . I'm guessing that's the expected behavior. What I'm looking for now is - how do I get it back to that behavior? I've tried closing the app and restarting it, rerunning my searches, etc., but it seems that I am now forever stuck in the double-clicking-opens-the-native mode. Anyone else have this issue? If yes, how did you resolve it?

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When you create a new case, then open your first item. You will see a dialog that asks how you wish to preview items with the following two options. 


Please select the action:




Could it be that you have set the action to Open in external application by mistake?


Section 24.4 of the 1.8 user manual covers this.  

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Note: you will be shown this dialog every time you click a result until you select a default action and check Don't ask again. So Intella would have used the previewer until changed for the first x number of items previewed. Also if you are not seeing this dialog when opening an item it would be a indication that the setting was chosen and confirmed manually at some point.



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