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I searched and didn't find anything definitive...


What is the best way to archive cases from Intella when they are completed?  I need to remove the data from the Intella index folder to make room for new cases.


I am planning on:


1. Export case file to .ICF

2. Place case data (compressed) in an archive folder along with exported .ICF

3. Place archive folder on a backup drive along with all other similar Intella archives


Archive Folder1




Archive Folder2






Any suggestions or better ways to archive?

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That's pretty much my process only I don't bother compressing and you don't need the ICF file if you are keeping the case data. The amount of time it takes to compress large data sets vs how cheap hard drives are, I just buy more drives for storage. I tend to rotate and delete historic cases once they are about 2 years old but that will depend on your own policies and needs I guess.


If you want the ICF file then you just need the original pre-processed data, this would allow you to reindex the data, import the ICF and be back where you started.

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