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Load file Slip Sheets

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I was wondering if Intella had the capability of including slipsheets with load file productions?  The slip sheet is put in place of a duplicated file, for example, so the user knows that the file was de-duplicated from the load set, or if an email was tagged as privilege then is there a way to include a slipsheet to say an email was excluded due to prvilege.

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Hello Mark,


Slip Sheets are currently not available in Intella load file exports, however, we might consider this for future release.


If I understand correctly you would like a functionality which would for example remove privileged items from load file export and replace them with some kind of mock (mimic, replica or imitation), which would just explain that this item was replaced because it's privileged.


Would you have a sample for us to show what exactly you have in mind?

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