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is there a way to undelete deleted tag associations?


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As far as I know there is no automated "undo" or "redo" functionality like with MS Word, and on examining the logs it appears the only information that is logged is the fact that tags are applied or removed and from what I can gather the hash for the name of the tag is recorded but nothing else.


Which makes me think of a couple of questions for our Intella people:

  1. Why list the tag hash as opposed to the tag itself in the log file?
  2. Thoughts on logging the tagging process in a more granular fashion to allow manual recreation under these circumstances, perhaps even as an optional logging option. All that would be required would be the Item ID and tag applied along with the date/time. Even a large case isn't likely to have so many tags that this will blow out the size of the log file much larger than it already is.
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Hello Jenny and Adam,


Currently when tag is removed, any information about the tag is removed and it cannot be undone.


The log files are designed to help troubleshoot issues with the program than report precise data to the user. In fact, the logs aren't meant to contain sensitive data, so the option of including operations on tags in such detail is not very likely to be considered in future releases.


For the purpose of recreating tag operations I would rather imagine a separate file dedicated to tags. We might consider changing this in a future release, however, I cannot promise when and if it will be implemented.
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