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Redacted document export in Load File


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I have a 1 page word document to which I have applied a redaction to some of the text and have gone through the load file export process.  What I have noticed is that the tiff of the word document indeed has the redaction applied, but the native and extracted text file still contain the original full text including the text that I redacted.  It seems then that the native and the text file don't have the redacted text removed.


I can understand that with the native you can't really apply redactions to the native, but for the extracted text I would have thought that the extracted text file of my word document should only contain unredacted text.


In the PDF or Image rendering options of the Load File export wizard, I have the "Use redacted versions when available" option ticked, but there doesn't seem to be an option to have the extracted text process use redacted versions when available.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I can work around this or how I can solve this issue.

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