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How well does Intella Scale?


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In working with Intella, what is the largest dataset you have worked with, in terms of size and document count?


My largest is 3,000,000 documents and 143GB.


What should I reasonably expect Intella to be able to handle and still perform fast searches?






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Guest KathleenK

Hello Walt:


Intella's indexing performance depends on too many factors to be able to reliably predict performance speed. The composition of the data set, the hardware configuration of your computer, and the hard drive configuration all factor into performance speeds. For instance, using a two-disk setup with the case folder on one and the evidence on the other

generally provides for a notable speed increase. Another important aspect is the hard drive configuration in your computer's bios. The following tech sheet may be helpful:




We have many customers who regularly deal with data sets of your size and greater. Provided that you have the appropriate Intella license, you should be good to go.

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Sorry, to clarify: I'm asking about search performance moreso than indexing performance. Once you have the data in Intella, etc.


The case in question is an estimated 6TB and 13,000,000 documents. I have Intella Team, and that's what I'm recommending to the client.

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Dear Walt,


We have had reports of 9 TB cases that the user explained as working "in an acceptable way". However, that said, a 6 TB case is still a big case. You will need to ensure that you use the biggest and best you can afford in hardware. A fast network connection is prime if you're planning to access the case remotely.


Depending on the type of data the case could be anything between fast and too slow. We are constantly trying to improve on this and we are keen to get feedback on this from the field. We'll be happy to assist on this respect.


Our strong advice here would be to try a 1 TB, then 2TB, and so on to ensure you do not waste all the indexing time on one case to find it does not meet your needs. Please remember regardless of what others say they can do, 6 TB is a huge amount of data (but in 2-4 years it will be the norm :)). This amount of data can throw up issues other than search speed.

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