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Optimization Folder and Export


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Dear Team, 


I must  congratulate the Intella team for Intella Connect 1.8  and hope to see more features in coming years.  


This is a basic fundamental question and I will really appreciate if our forum members share their views on it.


On a RAID 5 configuration system  (1 GB RAID Controller Card) having SSD drives (samsung),  eight core process (X64 Built - XEON), 64 GB ECC DIMM  and Intel Chipset 602:


1. How do i maximise the benefits of an Optimization Folder?


2. Does the minimum requirement of independent hard disk for Optimization folder applicable on a RAID 5 configuration?



With the above mentioned configuration, I tried to export a load file (Relativity) for a case size of 432 GB. 


During the export of Load File, there are no other application running on the Intella Server. 


Based on the Intella User Guide manual 1.8, I made necessary changes in the Intella Configuration files and affixed a dedicated 24 GB RAM. 




During exporting as a Load File ( Relativity) the amount of time for 5000 export items is approximately 26 Hours. 


PDF and Image Rendering : Enabled (Image DPI : 200) (Output : TIFF) 


Meta Data: Enabled


Both Original Or Extracted  is selected 




Is there a way of reducing the time for exporting remaining 43000 entries ? (Intella mentions 8 Days to export it)




The remaining 43000 entries is exported in 8 hours!!


During exporting of the 43000 entries, following steps were taken:


PDF and Image Rendering : Disabled


Meta Data: Disabled


Only extracted  is selected 


* This is specifically based on client to client requirement and not a generic step to be followed. 


I hope to see your views on the forum. 


Thank You 














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Hello Rishabha,


Exporting time is mostly spent for original format and PDF/image rendering, so disabling it speeds things up a lot.


If this is not an option, reducing image resolution may also help, though at the cost of degraded printing quality.


Unfortunately, I cannot think of a specific disk (Optimization folder) configuration that would make the process faster :(

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