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Bug in 'Location'.

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I've had this a few times now and it seems particularly prevalent when reverting to a backup case file.


For some reason the 'Location' view shows blank i.e. no items present despite their being data in the case. I've tried opening and closing the case, adding new items and so on but once it happens, there doesn't seem to be any way in which the Location entries are refreshed to normal.

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Gary I have seen this quite a bit on a case that became corrupted due to my own impatience ;)


I cancelled the indexing process and got sick of waiting for Intella to finish cancelling, so I killed the process in task manager.


Any time the case was opened after that the exact symptoms you describe above occurred, and in addition sometimes when viewing actual emails or tags the preview pane content would be blank as well.


The only fix was reindex the content. This can be done without losing any tags (or at least I have never lost tags from re-indexing content).

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I would think in this case possibly not as the issue (at least in my case) was caused by some corruption to the case data. Having said that it wouldn't hurt to back it up in case you are worried, but a full re-index should fix the issue with no working data being lost.


With the latest update indexing is much faster so hopefully the down time won't be too much.

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