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What does the "Finishing Crawl Tasks" status mean?

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I have noticed after using version 1.6, that at the end of each source indexing, Intella spends quite some time "Finishing Search Crawl tasks". What does this status mean? Is this the task that effectively copies the source data into the case, so it can run without access to the original source data? It takes quite a long time, and in larger cases, seems to add quite a deal of processing time to each source.


Does this also mean that processing with 1.6 will take longer than the same source in 1.5.2?


(ps, its awesome that there's a forum for Intella now!)

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Guest KathleenK

Hello Timu:


Yes, your assessment is generally correct on crawling. However, with improvements in other areas, processing in 1.6.1 will be roughly the same as 1.5.2.


We are glad you are enjoying the forum.

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