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Exploration of Drag-and-Drop as an option for exporting

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Hi all,

My organisation is not yet using Connect, but it's currently our planned future state once we have an ICT environment that allows me to use it.

Our investigators and legal team use a case management system that is also accessed via web browser.

My understanding (from having a look at the Connect Reviewer manual) is that exports are handled similarly to Pro in terms of how you want the output files to be treated, and the output is a zip file that is shipped off to the browser's download functionality?

Our case management system supports Drag-and-Drop from the local filesystem.

Which leads me to wonder whether it could be possible to Drag from Connect and Drop directly into the case management system?

If so, this should make the task of saving relevant documents into the case management system a bit quicker/easier for individual files?

I'm very far from a web developer - is this even possible? I just opened a OneDrive tab and an online Outlook tab and tried to Drag/Drop a file from OneDrive to an email and it didn't work, so maybe it's just not technically possible?

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Guest Marco de Moulin

Hello @ShaunC,

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to directly drag and drop files from Intella Connect into your case management system. However, you can manually save the relevant documents from Connect and then upload them into your case management system using the drag and drop functionality it supports.

If you would like to automate the process of moving the exported files from Connect to your case management system, you could consider setting up a folder watch service. This service can monitor the folder where the exported files are stored and automatically send them to the desired location for your case management system to pick up.

I hope this helps clarify the situation. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.



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