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Searching for blank Subject in an email

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Is there a way to search for all emails where the subject is blank? I know you can display all emails and then reverse sort on subject to group them together. But I'd like to be able to identify them using a search term, and then tag them.

I run several tasks after processing to tag stuff for the investigator. See attached listing the processes that I run on a PST (we are a MS shop).

Intella Tasks and Tagging Overview_Redacted.pdf

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Hello Jacques,

I created a crawler script which you can run when indexing a source. It looks for empty subject lines (or just a space) and tags those with 'crawlerscript/No Subject' or 'crawlerscript/Single Space Subject'.


The tasks from your document, are you doing these manually?




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Thanks. I'm looking forward to exploring the power of crawler scripts. I know you have a discussion on that specifically and I'm excited to see how I can make use of it. I am pleased that it supports Python as that's the language I am familiar with.

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Hi Marco,

It's one of our investigators who mentioned that it's one of the methods they use, the premises being that someone sending something to themselves or someone else that is not work related (and thus possibly related to the misconduct being investigated) may skip putting in a subject. I don't know if it materialized into producing evidence. But I thought it was a good approach so I want to add that to my initial pre-processing and tag all such emails automatically for the investigators who want to avail of that approach.



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