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Cellebrite UFDR-Chat Message Export


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I processed a Cellebrite UFDR report and have numerous Chat Messages to produce. I would like to bulk export the responsive Chat Messages (with attachments) to individual PDFs. I believe I am close to seeing what I had hoped for - except the attachments section. The resulting export PDF includes the Chat Message and the attachment(s) = great, but also includes the attachment's children (many pieces/parts/children of the one parent attachment (a PDF attachment in this example)). The one PDF attachment has more than 20 child images. The 20+ child images are what I hope to suppress from the PDF report file.

In the export wizard, PDF or image rendering options, I have selected "For every file include:" "Body" and "Embedded images and attachments."



Is there a way to suppress the children of the Chat Message attachment - and only include the attachment itself?

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I have continued trying various export options/settings (PDF, Load File) and I have been able to successfully export Chat Messages from the ingested Cellebrite UFDR report (iPhone) - just NOT with attachments as native.

I have several thousand Chat Messages and many have XLSX spreadsheets as attachments. I can't get the Excel spreadsheet attachments to export as native. I wonder if Intella should merge chat messages into the email export options section - rather than treating them as "files" (for the export options pictured above). I believe Chat Messages fall under the "For every file include:" section <- but I do not want embedded images in the exported PDF/Native production (only the attachments). Either way, I still can't get the XLSX message attachments exported. I'll keep hammering/testing/learning ...

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Hi Chris.

I would like to produce just Type: "Chat Message" items (not entire conversations) - I have over 3,000 tagged. Many of the individually tagged messages contain attachments. I have difficulties with the attachments. It seems like these individual text/chat messages should be treated like an email - as far as exporting/producing options (left hand side of options picture above, rather than the "files" section on the right hand side of options picture above). i.e., "For every email include:" could be "For every email or chat message include:" <- this might allow me to use "Attachments content" rather than "Embedded images and attachments." I would rather not have to use the "embedded images" of attachments for the text message attachments (One PDF attachment in a text message lists all of its embedded pieces making the resulting PDF of the text message many many pages of unwanted items in the attachments listing section).


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