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Doing a Within Search with Phrases and a AND NOT

Brad Ott

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I am trying to rule out an email domain from the searching of custodian name. Trying to see if another domain format is for this custodian since this data set has so many. I just want to exclude any emails that have this one. So I do not want John_Smith@domain2.com showing up or Smith, John <jsmith@domian2.com>. 

Should this be the correct format?

'"Smith John"~2 AND NOT "domain2.com"'~2

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Guest Marco de Moulin

Hello Brad,

You are on the right track, but I do have some suggestions:

  1. Search for "John Smith"~1 to match "John_Smith" and "Smith, John". We also have a knowledgebase article about proximity search and best practices.
  2. Use the Exclude functionality to hide "domain2.com" as a separate search. 

Your searches window should look this: 


If you want to use one string for the text search, you can also do this:

"Smith John"~1 NOT "domain2.com"

The ~1 allows to have one other word in between Smith and John and the order does not matter anymore. You can also leave out the extra 'AND'.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for. 

Kind regards,


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