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I've created a few spreadsheets to help with building queries. One is for bulk email addresses. Staff can add bulk email addresses they find during a review to the appropriate worksheet. Using a simple EXCEL formula, on the other worksheet I create a few queries for the user. The user can copy/paste the query into Intella Pro to run it and tag those items as bulk emails.

The second Excel sheet I've attached I created to build queries relating to spoofed domains. It's easy to look for emails to/from a spoofed domain as part of an investigation. But what if you want to look for emails where they were sent to the real and spoofed domains at the same time, cross contaminating the communications? That's where this spreadsheet can help create a query for you.

Even if you don't have a need for the above, they can provide ideas on how you can write a query if you are struggling with that.

Do you have any queries that would benefit from being added to a query building spreadsheet?


Bulk Email Addresses.xlsx Spoofed Domains Queries.xlsx

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Guest Marco de Moulin

Thank you @Jacques B for contributing here. I hope people will benefit from the Excel Sheets you created! Users often appreciate tools, templates and resources shared by community members. By contributing useful content, you are helping others to be more productive and efficient. Kudos to you for being an active member of the community!

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