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Load File Ingestion Errors


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Ladies and Gents,


I've been provided load files by a third party provider (opentext) which I'm trying to ingest into Intella.

I've had no input into the load files so am having to work with what I've been provided.

I understand that these are in the standard concordance/relativity format, but when trying to ingest I'm getting the following error:

'Error while validating load file: Different number of columns in different rows found. First record: 17, Current record (92): 1'

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening and how I can get this rectified?



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I've been in contact with them, and they haven't been very useful so far.

I've got a few other files from them that I need to test out, once I've tested all the material I can  then go back to them with the issues.

Sadly this is the nature of this case, each team has their own eDiscovery provider who is just creating an export without any discussion with any other parties.



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thanks, that is a problem this is a massive case and we have had little or no involvement prior to the production of this material.

I will get the checklist created and sent over and ask them to re-create the load file following those parameters.



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