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Option to pin an EXCLUDE

Jacques B

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It would be great if there was a way to PIN a REQUIRE or EXCLUDE. Case in point, we tag items that are "Not Relevant" for example. It would be helpful if we could PIN that exclude so that you don't have to select that tag every time you run a different search and choose to exclude it. There are different tags we use (e.g., 6+ recipients, bulk email addresses, etc.). The ideal option would be to be able to select tags and PIN them as a REQUIRED or EXCLUDE until you unpin them. That way you can run a bunch of queries and not have to select the tags you want as REQUIRE or EXCLUDE for each search.

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Guest Marco de Moulin

Hello Jacques,

We have received similar requests from other customers, and we are always looking for ways to improve our products based on customer feedback. While I cannot make any promises at this time, I will certainly discuss your idea with our team and evaluate where to put it on our roadmap. 

Kind regards,


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Thanks Marco.

From a UI/UX perspective, one option would be to have a "pin" next to the various search criteria. Allowing you to click on the pin icon for any of them to pin them. You could still click on the X to remove a single criteria (pinned or not). And to remove all of them, maybe either an option to unpin all after which you hit on clear searches, or a second button ("reset search"?) that would clear all including pinned items. Not sure which would work best so that it doesn't clutter the UI too much and provides the most intuitive UX.


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