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Post-processing error "Item ID 123456 is missing in crawler's data" message


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Hi, I am trying to resolve this error but so far hit a dead end.

My setup:
Using a Windows 10 with Intel i7-7800X CPU @ 3.50GHz and 128GB RAM.
Intella 2.5.1 is installed on the main drive and the case is processed on a separate Internal hard drive.
Application resource management settings are left to their default.

Data type indexed:
I am indexing MS Teams messages in PST file format; files are downloaded from the Microsoft O365 Compliance portal.
I am indexing a total of 5 files of sizes between 8-12 GB each.
So far 2 of them indexed without issue. The 3rd and 4th generated post-processing errors. The 5th is in progress.
See attached an example of an errors file. 
When reviewing the Item ID from the indexed evidence, it corresponds to a folder, which contains 1000+ Teams messages each. 

Has anyone come accross this type of error?
Any idea why this is happening?
I am looking for suggestions to resolve this.

Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you.



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