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Ingesting Relativity Load Files


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Could anyone point me to some information, preferably within the manual which details the ingestion of load files.

I've got a number of load files, all relativity material which I need to ingest into Intella.  I need to map the correct columns to Intella columns for example documentID isn't being found, but I can't for the life of me work out what this would map to.

So any guidance is appreciated, I'd like to try and get this done properly.



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The errors I'm receiving when trying to ingest are 'Missing Document ID' and 'Opticon reference to non-existent ID'.

The columns of data I've been provided are as follows:

Bates start

Bates end

Bates attach start

Bates attach end

Family date

Document date

Document subject/Filename

Document Type


Email to

Email CC

Email BCC


Text Precedence

File Path

Any help is appreciated.

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We do have a number of articles related to load files which we think might help you. Please check our forum thread:

We do also have a separate category for ingesting and creating load files along with many tips on how to work with them:


There also are videos on our youtube:



While they have been shown on a older version of Intella, they are still relevant.

You can also review the User Manual which contains a whole section on load files - 31. Load file checklist in the attached document.

Intella User Manual.pdf

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