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PDF export in Original View issues


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Hello all. 

Working an active project involving a lot of email and search production.  The client's internal procedure typically uses PDF format of emails which are imported into Adobe for the purposes of Bates numbering.  During the back and forth of tweaking the output options to get the format desired, the client pointed out the PDFs I produced from Intella look nothing like the native format (fonts, font colors, formatting, highlighting), which in my mind was on obvious comment, but after considering this further I am somewhat confused as to the differences between the output produced when Original View is selected vs Extracted Text.  The outputs appear seemingly identical, with the exception being attachments, which have been reduced to the basic text content when Extracted Text is selected.  Why wouldn't the Original view option produce the "original view", like the native view or like that produced when previewing an item and selecting the Preview tab?  In the case of my PDF exports, the output appears to be the same at the contents tab in the preview, which I would associate with the Extracted Text.  I have seemingly tried every conceivable export option with no change.  I have also test across multiple machines and versions of Intella, including most current

This issue was brought forward by my client since they are seeking a "native" pdf appearance but in a format that can be ingested and Bates numbered through Adobe, AKA PDF.  

In searching the forums I came across this post many years old, but see no explanation or resolution.  Are others experiencing this?  Have I failed to notice this as a default behavior/normal behavior?  I have posted this same question to tech support in a ticket, as well as example output - radio silence since last week.   


 All comments and suggestions appreciated!

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For anyone finding this thread through searches, here is the simple resolution to this frustrating issue:

When exporting a selected group of items, and PDF format is chosen, be sure to check the option box of "Prefer HTML over plain text content" (see screen grab below - version when Original View is desired.



Is there a use-case for this feature?  I am not a daily user of Intella, as it is one of many tools I use primarily for forensic and data analysis purposes, so many of the e-discovery/Lit-support features/aspects of the tool are not clearly logical from my view.  However, It is not clear why this option box is even active if the user specifically chooses Original View or Extracted Text in the "Content As" option box above (since clearly the user expects the original view, which presumably would be HTML and not text, or conversely when selecting Extracted Text, expects the text only).  I personally can only see the need for this option box to be active, and that is when the user chooses the mixed option of Original View or Extracted text, and therefore would need to decide what format they prefer.  Maybe a more experienced user will provide another perspective.


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2 hours ago, JNevins said:

Is there a use-case for this feature? 

Hi, I think this mostly used for content that has multiple "redundant" original views, like e-Mails that are stored in text and html within the same message. Sometimes HTML view generates beautiful reports, sometimes the HTML format of the mails are so broken that it is better to use the text only variant.



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