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How to keyword search with percentage sign (%)?


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How does Intella Pro handles search with percentage sign (%)?

I got a request to do a keyword search on "5%" against a mailbox PST. When I put in just "5%", Intella Pro returns everything starting with 5. 

I've checked the manual, but this was not discussed.

Thank you.


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Hi David,

I found a PDF in one of my test cases that has a DJI Drone user guide that has the % symbol present many times (where it is talking about battery life)

When I check the "words" tab, just the numbers are present - ie the manual shows "88%", but the index just has "88" recorded.

I suspect that the index just discards the symbols entirely.

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Hello David, Shaun


Yes, indeed Intella does strip the phrase of the special characters and treats them as whitespace. Just as Shaun said, this is reflected in the "Words" tab. If you wish to search for a specific phrase, with the percentage sign then the Content Analysis with a custom regexp search will help you doing so.

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