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Gratutious spaces needed (applies to Intella Pro as well)

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When searching for browser activity, I wanted to search for google searches (e.g., https://www.google.com/search?q=frustration+psychology+definition) in field scope "title/subject".

Searching for "search\?q=" yielded negative results. I had to search for "search \? q=". Note the gratuitous spaces before and after escaping the special character. The same happens in either Intella Connect or Intella Pro.

A further test to look for https://www.google.com yieled the same issue. I had to escape the colon (:), but had to put a space before and after it as well.

"https \: //" worked. But not "https \: //www". I had to escape the two "/" as well even though they are not listed as special characters. And I had to put a gratuitous space before and after each of the two escaped characters same as for the \?.

Is anyone else encountering similar issues? Am I doing something wrong in my search? Luckily I noticed this anomally. Otherwise it would have yielded a false negative and I would have thought there were no matching hits.

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