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Connect Wish List - Hiding Select Tags in Table View

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As part of my pre-processing, I do some tagging. One of things I automatically tag (using tasks in a template case) is for MS Exchange/Outlook email flags as per the screenshot. This creates a long path for these tags (although I see that I should remove "Importance:" and "Sensitivity:" in the children tags and just keep the second part to shorten the paths).



As much as these tags can be useful in some cases, in other cases they are not as relevant. I see them as information tags. When displaying the Tag column in the table view, you will have one Importance tag and one Sensitivity tag, each having a long path. I also automatically tag "Orphan from PST", "Emails with 6 or more recipients", "Draft Messages (Not Sent)". These information tags can create a lot of noise in the tag column in table view. They are useful if you want to display all emails tagged as Urgent. And it's useful to see those tags when viewing an individual item. But in table view, some of those tags are not as important to see.

It would be helpful if you had the option to choose if a tag will show up in the tag column in table view. That way you can have a bunch of these information tags but exclude them from that column. I do use yellow for these information tags. So optionally, I know we could display the colour tag column instead to help declutter the view.

If nobody else chimes in agreeing that this would be useful, I appreciate that it won't get any priority. I do see value for use where we use a number of these information tags in the automatic tagging during initial processing.


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Guest Marco de Moulin

Thank you Jacques to take the time to write your request. At the moment the workaround with the `tag colors` might be the best solution for the current version of Intella. I understand your use case and we will consider it for an upcoming release. 

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