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Intella with Synology NAS


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Hi All,

I am using Intella Pro and storing my case in a Synology NAS. The case size shown in Intella software does not match with the file size shown in the File Explorer. I usually choose exit without backup when closing the application. I suspect that the data is stored in #recycle in the Synology drive instead of the case file in the Synology drive. 
May I know if this is a setting issue or what can I do to solve this problem?

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We are not sure how Synology might be related to the case size. Can you provide more details like screenshots of Intella showing incorrect size and the size in explorer. If there is any information in the screenshots which is sensitive, then you can submit a support ticket in the support portal instead, and send the screenshots there in the ticket. 
Another thing you can try is to copy the data to a local drive and see if the issue is reproducible. If it is not reproducible then it could be that the Synology system is reporting the wrong information.
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