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Conversation Threaded Report - Sorting / Date & Time Conundrums

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Hi All,

I have a couple of conundrums that I wonder whether any one has come across themselves/resolved?

Date/Time Sorting

We have a case which has chat message data held within it; SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage etc...  Our customers have been asking for reports of custodian messages in a threaded format (with the conversations sorted by date and time).

I can create the report, using the "Report" function on the "Export Type Selection" screen. When I get to the sections, I can select the "Communication" section, displaying the items as a conversation, sorted by Primary Date (see image).


However, when I export the report, I notice that the conversations are not sorted into Date/Time order. As you will see on the attached PDF file (which has been sanitised for privacy), you will see that there are a couple of conversations in the correct date/time order, but then a thread of chat messages from October appears.  Following that, you will see further instances of out-of-order chat threads.

I have tried using the section for "Chat Conversations", but that just returns a blank report with no items within it.  I expect that this is because all the items we are exporting are of type "Chat Message" only, but as it threads them into a "conversation" in the report, I expected it to be able to sort the threads by date/time order?

Date/Time Conundrum

Another quirk I have noticed when exporting is, within the report output there is a table that provides the GMT/BST date/time at which the threaded conversation occurs, but within the data in the table below this, it is in the native date/time format (of Eastern Time as these are from US devices).

Is there a reason why one part of the table exports in GMT/BST time and the data in the native time zone of the items in the database?

Also, is there a way to configure the export to use one or the other time zone?

Thanks in advance :)


Report Export Settings.png

Unsorted Threaded Chat Message Report.pdf

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