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Intella Connect on Windows Server 2016 R2

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Anyone have experience installing Connect on Windows Server 2016 R2?

We have it installed, and can get to the sign in screen from the server (localhost). But when trying to connect to it from the outside, it is not working. I know there are many possible variables from OS firewall to hardware firewall upstream among other things I'm sure. But beyond the obvious I just listed, anyone encounter some other issue that you figured out that you could share how you resolved it? Or point to other possible issues?

The server has a publicly routable IP. Users are being given static IPs and the upstream firewall service provider looks after setting up the rules to allow the traffic through. I'm able to RDP to the public IP which would suggest the firewall rules upstream is allowing me through. I'm checking now to make sure that they are allowing incoming traffic on 9999 in case that's the issue.

Any suggestions you can share is appreciated.



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