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Intella 1.6 available for download?


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Hi Hagrid,


Intella 1.6 is indeed available for use. However 1.6 is not yet backwards compatible with 1.5. Backwards comparability will be available in the 1.6.1 release due in the first half of July.


We released 1.6 due to demand for the new Cellphone indexing capabilities and the TEAM case shared. A number of our users did not need to be able to open 1.5 cases.



We chose to release 1.6 and run it in parallel with 1.5.4. We decided not to make 1.6 the official version until backwards compatibility was available as asking users to upgrade with no way to open 1.5 cases would have caused a lot of frustration for some.


Please see the release noted for full details.compatible

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